Out Of The Box Design At Home

Your home is your personal expression of self. From the decorations to the furniture, you want it to reflect who you are and what’s important to you.

With the multitude of products for sale, it’s hard to know where to begin. Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut and buy the same things over and over again. Other times, you might be overwhelmed by choice and decide not to decorate or furnish your home at all.

Here are some out of the box design at home ideas you can try.

Add a plant

Nothing livens up a room more than a well-placed houseplant. Not only do they help you breathe better, but they also make fantastic design features. Plus, plants are extremely easy to maintain and can go almost anywhere indoors. Best of all, houseplants aren’t expensive at all – especially if you choose to make them yourself!

If you can’t keep a plant alive, try crafting your own terrarium. You can find instructions online or go the easy route and buy one pre-made. Pick up some small rocks, sand, soil and mini figurines to place inside. The most difficult part is choosing which items to use – every combination looks great!

Open storage is the way to go

Storage in your home is never bad, but you can make it better by using open spaces. Instead of hiding things away in shelves or dressers that you’ll forget about, try hanging baskets on the wall instead. You can use them for storing jewelry or toiletries; whatever strikes your fancy!

Hanging baskets are versatile, easy to use and have the added design bonus of being decorative. Just remember to take everything out once in a while so your storage space stays clean and fresh.

Relaxing areas are key

You don’t need tons of furniture to create a relaxing area in your home. Sometimes all it takes are some pillows and a blanket. Of course, you can make things easier on yourself by buying an ottoman or bench that doubles as storage space for your items.

Whether you want to build a reading nook or just read in the comfort of your bed, pillows and blankets are essential to creating an inviting atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to go bold with color or pattern if you think it’ll improve the overall look.