Steps To Follow That Will Help You Find The Best Pillow

Ok, so after a long day at work, you come home and want to watch a movie on your big flat screen TV. You need some pillows for your bed to support your back while watching the movie. Maybe the phone rings or kids have questions about homework. You pick up the pillows and put them behind you, but it’s not quite good enough. So you go get another couple of pillows to stack up behind you.

How to choose the best bed pillows

There are so many pillows on the market today it can be a real challenge to choose the best bed pillows. It seems like a simple process, but there are a few very important steps to follow that will help you find just what you want.

Pillow cases

The first step is to consider the pillow case size. You want to make sure the pillows will fit inside your pillow case. It’s very annoying to have all this extra space in your pillow case that you could fill up with a couple of pillows, but you can’t. Remember that bedding companies often have different names for standard size cases so it’s important to look at the label on the package to be sure you are getting the right size.

Pillow fill

The next step is to determine the type of fill that will work best for you. There are basically three types of pillow fill:

It is important to note that goose down pillows come from geese and contain some natural moisture that may need to be dried out periodically if it becomes damp. Goose down pillows tend to be the most durable over time, but they can sometimes become flat with extended use.

Fiber pillows are filled with man made materials. The most common fiber used for this purpose is polyester, but there are also fiber pillows that are filled with memory foam which will mold to fit your head and provide good support.

The above types of pillows are made from either natural or man-made materials. A third type of pillow is one that is filled with water. This type of pillow became popular when NASA discovered that astronauts sleep much better when they use pillows filled with water.