Tips On How To Design Your Fireplace Mantel

It might be difficult to design and decorate a fireplace mantel. You may have chosen the ideal accessories, but putting it all together might be difficult. Consider this your all-inclusive guide to making the most of this little yet eye-catching location!


There are several ways to arrange a fireplace mantel and still have it look amazing, but the key is balance. Make sure that the art is centered in the room, that the candles are symmetrical, and that the smaller detailer items are appropriately distributed on either side of the fireplace.


Okay, we’re directly contradicting ourselves, but design rules may frequently be ignored if done tastefully. The rule of perfect symmetry is not universal. If you want a really symmetrical and clean aesthetic, make sure everything is exactly balanced. However, being absolutely symmetrical does not appear natural in most circumstances.

You want to create something aesthetically appealing above your fireplace, which might include various decorations on either side of a centerpiece or even a major item that is somewhat off-center. Your house should have a lived-in feel, and straying from symmetry may be an excellent way to add visual appeal.


There is such a thing as having too many wonderful things, and this might include all of the trinkets you want to showcase on your mantel. Keep things basic and clean, and attempt to make a statement with your elegance and simplicity rather than a bunch of large objects crammed together. We selected to just showcase a piece of artwork in the living room decor below. Because the bookshelves are embellished with other gorgeous and unique home décor, another alternative for this mantel would be to position a TV over the fireplace.


On that topic, why not simply keep things simple? Allow your fireplace and some excellent wall art to speak for itself by utilizing simply a few tiny decorations to adorn your mantel. Using a minimalist style may help your area appear more streamlined and less congested. The four key statement components in the example below provide just enough intrigue.


Because it is at eye level, the fireplace will capture a lot of attention. This implies that anything you have on your mantel will make a significant impression on visitors. Be truthful and upfront, and inject some personality into this place. This can be done using a family portrait, a photograph you took, a family treasure, or something else one-of-a-kind, such as a salt lamp or a handcrafted bowl.


Decorating a fireplace mantel isn’t always simple, but if you get it perfect, you’ll fall in love with the area all over again! The mantel is a focus point that draws a lot of attention, so always put your best foot forward.