How To Add Aromatherapy In The Bedroom

Your bedroom is meant for relaxation and rejuvenation so as to give you a break from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s your personal space where you let your hair down and enjoy some quiet time to yourself after a hard day’s work. The ambience in which you do your personal business is very important. It helps you relieve stress and unwind from the pressures of everyday living when you have a unique scent to take you into another world, one that’s tranquil and serene where every problem seems distant.

Here are some ways how you can add aromatherapy in the bedroom.

To create an intimate environment for you and your lover, here are some tips on adding aromatherapy into your bedroom.

Use scented candles

One of the best way to make your bedroom smell nice is to burn scented candles . Scented candles come in all sorts of fragrances and for this reason, you’ll be spoilt for choices when you’re out shopping. You can opt for vanilla, jasmine or lavender among other fragrant options that will make your bedroom smell wonderful and fresh. Different people like different smells and it’s important to make sure you choose something that appeals to your senses and will create a soothing atmosphere in which you can do the deed. For added benefits, scented candles also provide some light for dark bedrooms.

Burn incense sticks

Another way of adding aroma into your bedroom is by using an incense stick burner. These burners are readily available in many shapes, sizes and designs to suit every bedroom décor . You can opt for something that matches your room or you can go with something plain. However, make sure you choose a burner that’s wide enough to accommodate the incense stick you plan on using. Some tables already have built-in incense burners but if you don’t have one, get one that’s specially designed for this purpose so you burn the incense sticks properly.