9 Photo Calendars That Look Great In Any Space

These photo calendars are made from high quality materials and feature sharp-looking prints.

1 New Adventures

‘New Adventures’ is a 100% customizable photo calendar, with up to 12 different prints that mark your favorite occasions. The paper is made from Signature Cover Paper and has that luxurious cotton texture that’s usually on fine stationery.

2 Proof

Get a truly one of a kind calendar with a unique layout when you buy ‘Proof’. You can put all your favorite photos in a single page, and one that’s reminiscent of traditional proof sheets. The ink is deluxe pigment and won’t wear off for years or even decades.

3 Vintage Floral

Mint’s photo calendars are designed by independent artists, and the Vintage Floral calendar is no exception. Beautiful and detailed, with floral patterns and motifs surrounding the sides and your photos, accentuating and highlighting the special moment.

4 Indie

Featuring a minimalist theme that’s similar to ones you can see in high end publications, you get the sophistication and elegance in each page. You can customize with your favorite photos and important dates as well. The paper texture and appearance is absolutely fantastic and wonderful to the touch.

5 Monthly Focus

If big and beautiful prints in a photo calendar is what you want then you should definitely consider the Monthly Focus. Your favorite photos take up half the space in each calendar page, and the rounded corners and spiral binding add a nice touch.

6 Unite

Evoke a retro vibe every month with the Unite calendar. Premium calendar paper is thick and holds an excellent amount of substance, and you get plenty of calendar space to mark occasions and short to-do’s.

7 Serenity

For those who want everything contemporary, Serenity should be at the top of your list. The contemporary design gives you the freedom to pick the photos you want for each month. The highlight is easily the captured memories, and with the deluxe pigmentation ink the photos won’t fade anytime soon.


8 Big Month

Every day is special with the Big Month calendar. Clean lines and bold typography take center stage, and you’ll be able to do minor scribbles and reminders as you want without disrupting the theme.


9 Painted Script

For a real artistic touch, try the Painted Script photo calendar. Each month has that playful painted vibe, and it also serves to highlight both the chosen photo and the day allocation underneath. This item is definitely worth a second look.