8 Wedding Favor Tags That Will Create the Perfect Gift

Wedding favor tags are an elegant and sophisticated touch to your special day. Offering a wedding favor is a nice way to say “Thank you for coming!” With the perfect tag, your entire gift will stand out and make the night one to remember. Let’s take a look at 8 beautiful wedding favor tags that will bring your event to the next level.

Number 1: Grove Wedding Favor Tag

The Grove favor tag is simple and chic. It comes in eight different colors including Meadow, Wisteria, and Persimmon. Each tag can be printed on three different types of paper including recycled, pearlescent, and signature.

Number 2: Classy Type Wedding Favor Tag

This favor tag is minimalistic and charming. It is the perfect addition to your special day. It can be customized with your unique message such as the names of the bride and groom. Some of the customizable colors include Lily, Coral, and Coffee.


Number 3: Boho Desert Wedding Favor Tag

The Boho Desert design is great for couples with a boho-themed wedding. The design features flowers along the edge of the tag, along with a personalized message. You can easily customize and tailor the tag to your liking.

Number 4: Emery Wedding Favor Tag

This tag is perfect for a modern aesthetic. It is offered in a variety of colors such as Onyx, Steel, and Ice. Whether you are looking for large lettering or a simple design without any images, this favor tag is ideal for you.


Number 5: Staggered Initials Wedding Favor Tag

This tag is perfect for the elegant and stylish couple. It features a beautiful cursive staggered initial design. It comes in customizable color themes such as Blush, Cabernet, and Golden.


Number 6: Vintage Print Wedding Favor Tag

The Vintage Print tag adds an antique touch to your wedding favor. The design is clean and simple. It features flowers and greenery. You can personalize your message for each tag and ensure your wedding favor is exactly how you envisioned it.

Number 7: Royalty Wedding Favor Tag

This wedding tag is regal-looking and glamorous. It features a gorgeous leaf print design around the border of the tag. It comes in multiple colors such as Cream, Noir, and Rose.


Number 8: Surround Wedding Favor Tag

The Surround tag is a pretty addition to your wedding favor. Each tag can be tailored to your specific style and preference. The colors available include Snow, Almond, and Navy.