Ecobee: Sustainable Products for Every Household

Smart home solutions that are also, sustainable are definitely a great addition to every house. Ecobee combines sustainability with comfort and offers customers some great solutions, like smart thermostats, cameras, and sensors. Here is a list of some of their top products!

1. Smart Thermostat Enhanced

With a built-in sensor technology and a certification of saving up to 26% on functionality costs, it is no wonder that Smart Thermostat Enhanced has gained the appreciation of many. The thermostat is easy to install all on your own and can be easily controlled from anywhere with an Android or iOS device.

2. Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

A thermostat that’s equipped with a smart sensor, this product is ideal for those wishing to maximize comfort. It has a voice control feature and by controlling it from your smartphone, you can easily balance your house’s temperature. If a window or door stays open for more than 5 minutes, the thermostat turns off your AC and notifies you immediately.

3. Smart Camera With Voice Control

Keeping the house secure while away is really important. This smart camera, enhanced with a voice control feature helps owners have full control of their home when they are away. It offers a 1080p image quality, 180 degrees field of view, and smoke alarm detection.

4. Smart Sensor for Doors and Windows

This pack of sensors monitors motion and entry and notifies homeowners immediately. You can easily place the sensors on doors or windows by simply attaching them to the surface. They are also, great for placing on cabinets, and safe to protect any valuable belongings.

5.Ecobee 3lite thermostat

A thermostat with next-generation software to automatically heat or cool the place when electricity is cheaper, Ecobee 3lite is an appealing 7-day programmable thermostat. The display screen lights up when you are nearby and gives useful info about the weather and humidity. The thermostat is compatible with Smart Sensor.

6. Smart Thermostat Premium

A premium product that ensures owners live in a house with good air quality, this thermostat is affordable and really effective at the same time. It features smart sensor technology and enhanced occupancy sensing and security. It works perfectly well with smart home ecosystems, like Apple HomeKit.

7. Smart Sensor 2-pack

This package of two sensors connects wirelessly to all Ecobee devices. It features a temperature detection system and automatically saves energy. The sensors can detect movement when you are not at home and notify you immediately. It sets the temperature for comfort in the rooms that you use most and adjusts it accordingly when needed.