The 7 Best Baking Pans of 2022

Baking pans are one of the essentials in a home kitchen and choosing the right pans can make all the difference in serving the most delightful food to your family. Whether you’re baking muffins, bread, cakes, or cookies, here are the 7 best baking pans of 2022 that you should have in your kitchen.

1. Muffin Pan

When it comes to cooking muffins, cupcakes, scones, and other pastries, this muffin pan is a great one to have as it is made of a slick ceramic coating that is highly durable and non-toxic.

2. Baking & Cooling Duo

The best thing about this baking pan is that it comes with a cooling rack that will allow you to easily and quickly cool down your de-panned pastries. If you don’t have this item in your kitchen yet, it’s high time you get one as it can help you cook with ease.

3. Rectangle Pan

Rectangle pans are highly essential in cooking bread, lasagnas, brownies, cake, and more. It measures 9×13″ which can cover your family’s dessert just in one pan.

4. Loaf Pan

It is a standard 1 lb. loaf pan that you should collect in a plethora of colors including cream, navy, perracotta, sage, and marigold.

5. Circle Pan

This 9″ circle pan is a perfect companion when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other occasions as it will allow you to bake a perfect round cake that can make each event extra special.

6. Baking Sheet

The large 18×13″ baking sheet is not only your go-to essential when it comes to baking cookies, but it can also serve as a drip tray, roasting sheet, or even use it to bake your homemade bread.

7. Square Pan

A square pan can serve as a perfect casserole for your mac and cheese which is enough reason why you should have one in your kitchen. However, it also holds great potential in your kitchen as you can use it for your oat crumbles, lemon bars, and even baked eggs.