Top 6 Gas Grills That Will Make Your Summer Cooking Dreams Come True

Grilling season may be more than eight months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your planning now! If you are looking to replace your current grill or buy one for the first time, consider these top 6 gas grills that will make your summer cooking dreams come true. Make sure to bring this article with you when you go shopping:

1. Victory 3-burner

Money is tight this year? Don’t you worry, because the Victory with Infrared Side Burner is here to save the day. It is perfect for families who want to save money with a functional, affordable grill. Whether you go for the normal or deluxe model, you can expect to get a stainless steel lid with extra-large side shelves and plenty of space for large grilling bowls and accessories.

2. Blaze Premium Lte

This model is for grilling enthusiasts, as it has not one, but two natural gas burners. If you have the storage space and the budget, this might be your best bet. It comes with a rear infrared burner that can heat up to 1300 degrees, perfect for quick searing. The burners are electric, so there’s no need for a propane tank.

3. Blaze Premium Lte

And if your storage space is a problem, here’s another Blaze grill to consider. This 5-burner model has a rear infrared burner that heats up to 1300 degrees and can sear meat quickly and evenly. It is perfect for cooking eggs and searing meat on the top rack. It can also be used as a smoker.

4. Blackstone 28-inch

The hard cover is a must to protect the griddle from chips, cracks and stains that can affect the cooking surface. It is made of solid cast iron, so it will last a lifetime. The black coating doesn’t affect the heat distribution, so you can enjoy a consistent cooking surface all year round.

5. Blaze Prelude

This Blaze grill gives you tons of space to roast meat and vegetables while making room for your frying pans and griddle. The stainless steel lid can cover half of the grilling surface, which is convenient if you want to do two different things at once.

6. Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane

Safety comes first when eating or cooking, which is why you need a grill that features infrared rear and side burners. This model looks high-end, and it has all the safety features that come with such a price tag. It has a leak-proof valve and automatic spark control, and it features a stainless steel lid with an integrated drip tray.

These are the top 6 gas grills that will make your summer cooking dreams come true. Whether you want a smaller, affordable grill or a high-end model with all the bells and whistles, all of them will give you great value for your money.