6 BedJet Accessories That Will Improve Your Sleep

While a BedJet system is great on its own, you need to consider getting some of its sleep system accessories. There are several useful accessories that you can get that will make your entire sleeping experience better. You may not need to get all the sleep system accessories but you should consider getting the most important ones that improve your BedJet.

6. BedJet V2 Air Filter Replacement

Since all BedJet systems use an air filtration system, it is expected to have the filters clogged up. The filter for V2 is a dense sponge type of material that traps small particles. While it can be cleaned, it never hurts to have one extra to replace an old one.

5. BedJet 3 Air Filter Replacement

Because the BedJet 3 is considerably different than the previous versions, you will want to get the dedicated air filters. The system comes with a filter but you will want to have an extra one if your existing one gets too clogged up with dust and small particles.

4. Cloud Sheet Accessory

One of the most popular sleep system accessories made for BedJet is the Cloud Sheet. This special bed sheet uses a patented design with multiple layers and chambers that are meant to optimize airflow. This helps it distribute either warm or cold air evenly throughout the sheet.

3. Air Hose Extension

An air hose extension is one of the sleep system accessories that is an absolute must for certain folks. If you need a longer hose, this is the only compatible accessory you can get. Fortunately, it is inexpensive and very easy to install.

2. BedJet Flat Hose Accessory

The hose that comes with a BedJet is a bit thick and may make it difficult to install the system in certain situations. Your solution is to get a flat hose accessory. Out of all the sleep system accessories, the flat hose is by far the most practical one that solves this problem.

1. BedJet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit

While the BedJet system is great on its own, the aromatherapy upgrade kit is something that you love to get. It has a simple system using a dense sponge that can be infused with various oils which are then diffused into the air jet.