6 Must-Have Furniture for Your Lovely Home

These six furniture pieces are not just essentials but look great in any space as well.

1. The Modular Table

The Modular Table is exactly what you’d want in your living room. The smooth and chamfered edge is kid-friendly, and the sleek plywood is polished to a gleam. Walnut veneer stands out and gives you a place where you can put your coffee or drinks down and have a chat with your visitors.

2.The Squishy Chair

Plop the Squishy Chair anywhere and you’ll be able to relax and lean back after a long and hard day. It’s portable and can be moved from one room to another. What’s great is that the Squishy doesn’t lose its form and provides a ‘sinking in a cloud’ feel like no other.

3.The Bed Frame

A modular bed frame designed to evolve and change depending on your needs. All natural birch veneer is classy, and clean geometric lines make it a standout in the bedroom.

4.The Media Console

A companion table to your entertainment system, The Media Console offers a clean and streamlined design for modular and functional purposes. Magnetic cord management, media shelving and optional add-ons allow you to put in all your tech accessories and gadgets to achieve an aesthetically pleasing design.

5.The Outdoor Bench

If you have a yard or garden, then you simply must have The Outdoor Bench. It’s an excellent multitasker and can seat several individuals at a time. Sturdy aluminum can take a lot of weight and can double as a resting spot or dining bench.

6.The Sofa

The Sofa comes in three different configurations- a two seater, a three seater or a three seater and chaise. It’s versatile enough to fit in any room, and the material and stuffing are made from stain resistant fabric and double layer foam.