8 Amazing Murals That Will Improve The Vibe Of A Room

One of the best ways to make a room stand out and give it some personality is to install murals. A mural is not only easy to install but it also reflects your personality and preference. While you can get a mural that has a more discreet pattern using geometric shapes, you can also opt for something more artistic. Here are 8 examples of great murals that will completely change the aspect of a room.

8. Lost in Time

The Lost in Time mural is a special piece that comes in a large 9 by 8.25 feet format. It was made to look like an oil painting and due to its attention to detail, it can be an excellent choice for a modern and minimalistic room.

7. Canyon

This is a candle stand set with 3 stands made up of faux wood. The soft artisan design can give a very rustic feel to your house with this. These stands are made up of polyresin with wood finish that looks quite realistic.

6. Tomah

The Tomah mural is a great choice if you like artwork inspired by nature. Available in a 9 by 10 feet size, the mural is a representation of a green plain and a cloudy sky. It can be a great pick for a reading room or a room that needs a touch of color.

5. Bewilder

Out of all the murals available, the Bewilder is one of the most captivating ones. It captures a black and white image of a forest, blurred by clouds. With the bottom part darker and the upper side colored in a lighter gray, the mural can be an excellent choice for a living room.

4. In the Rain

The In the Rain mural is another option or alternative to the Bewilder mural. It features a large tree on a rainy day. It is a black and white mural that looks amazing, especially in a bedroom.

3. Abstract Botanical Navy Shadows #2

Dark blue walls have a certain elegant vibe. The Abstract Botanical Navy Shadows is one great example of how you can add style and elegance to an office room using a mural. The mural features unique artwork using lighter colors to create an amazing contrast.

2. Rosy Tomorrow

The Rosy Tomorrow mural is a great alternative to a wall painting. Made to resemble an oil painting, the mural combines light, pleasant and natural colors that can add personality to a room that lacks any kind of wall decorations.

1. Flowing Leaves

The Flowing Leaves mural is an excellent choice for a bedroom. Using a light gray background and leaves outlined with white edges, the mural has a modern and relaxing look. It comes in a large 10 by 8.25 feet and it was made to be very easy to install.